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Meet “Resi” Your Apartment Chatbot

Resi is an apartment chatbot that runs on your website 24/7 servicing both prospects and residents. Resi is launched anytime a visitor lands on your website and can assist both prospects and residents with almost anything they need. Resi is the perfect extension of your leasing staff, especially after hours.

  • Convert more traffic
  • Generate more leads
  • Provide better service to residents
  • Easy to add to any new or existing website
Apartment Chatbot Marketing by Resident360
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Engage Your Prospects 24/7/365

Here's a quick look at how Resi can help prospective residents visiting your website.

  • Schedule showings
  • Showcase community amenities
  • Floor Plan search
  • Showcase apartment amenities
  • Highlight move-in specials
  • Showcase the neighborhood

Resi Does It All

More than just an apartment chatbot, Resi has you covered.

  • Add chat features on Google My Business, Facebook & Twitter
  • Manage Text/SMS leads for Google Ads & Craigslist
  • Drop appointments onto almost any calendar
  • Easily embed bot in emails
  • Convert low-value ILS web leads into high-value conversational leads
Apartment Chatbot Marketing
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Create a Positive Brand Experience

With Resi, you can enrich the website experience for your customers, giving them help the instant they need it. They'll walk away feeling intrigued and delighted, leaving a positive impact on your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get the apartment chatbot launched?

Typically the apartment chatbot can be set up and launched within 14 business days.

How easy is it to put the apartment chatbot on my website?

Very easy! You'll have one piece of code that would need to be installed, and we can walk your people through how to do it.

How does the apartment chatbot know what to say?

We pre-program the chatbot with the information provided by you.

Does the apartment chatbot help residents that are on the website as well?

Yes! The apartment chatbot can help residents pay rent, submit service requests, etc.

How do I receive leads from the apartment chatbot?

All leads will be emailed directly to you.
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