5 Common Property Website Mistakes & How to Fix Them


For today’s marketing tip, I’m sharing some common mistakes I see happening on property websites, and I’ll show you how to fix them.

Let’s get started…

#1 – Does your hero image clearly state what you do?

Think of the hero image (top image) on your homepage like a billboard you see while driving down the highway. Does it clearly state to someone in seven seconds or less that you are offering apartments for rent?

> Easy Fix: By simply adding the word “Apartments” to either your logo or any text on the hero image, you immediately let the visitor know they are indeed in the right place.

#2 – Does your text match your photos?

I frequently see this mistake: Website copy conveys a property amenity, but the image is wrong. For example, your website says pet-friendly, but it’s above a picture of the pool.

> Easy Fix: Just take an extra few minutes to review your website copy and any corresponding photos.

#3 – Do you have too many pop-ups on your website?

Many websites I visit look like a firehose is randomly spraying everywhere—stuff is popping up all over. The right corner may have a chatbot. The left corner has another pop-up. This makes for a chaotic and frustrating user experience.

> Easy Fix: Try to limit your website to only one pop-up. 

Screen cycle

#4 – Is your website easy to navigate?

Don’t forget that most of your web traffic comes from a mobile device. Do all your pages load properly and fast? Is it easy to call the property from your mobile device?

> Easy Fix: Get your mobile phone out and load your website. Start by clicking on your navigation menu and see how easily it loads. Then click on each page to ensure they load correctly. Click your property phone number to make sure “Click to Call” is activated. 

#5 – Is it easy to schedule a tour?

I still run across contact forms that ask for your life history just to schedule a tour. I get it—asking all types of questions helps qualify the prospect. But have you ever thought about how many qualified people you might be turning away?

> Easy Fix: Regarding contact forms, less is always more. Ask for only what you need. Follow up with a phone call if you need more info.

Written by Josh Grillo

Josh Grillo is a #1 Best Selling Author, Speaker and Co-Founder of Resident360.

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