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Steal These 25 Apartment Marketing Ideas Today For Massive Success

Want to generate more traffic? Want to generate more leases?

Then you’re in the right place.

Because today I’m going to show the exact apartment marketing strategies that communities around the country are using to achieve 95%+ occupancy.

The best part?

All these proven strategies are laid out in slide format so you can easily pick your favorite and take action. Let’s do this!

#1 Make Photos a Priority

In my book, The Definitive Guide To Apartment Marketing, I stress the importance of good photography. It’s the best investment you can make. By hiring a real estate photographer, you’ll ensure you get the right shots that will sell your apartments.

Pro Tip: Have the photographer get photos of neighborhood hot spots. Additionally, think about including residents in your shots to create lifestyle moments (make sure they sign a model release).

Don’t forget to request both print and web version of the photos. Put these in a Dropbox or Google Drive folder so you can share a link easily.

#2 Great Copywriting Makes Everything Easier

A nice compliment to high quality photography is copywriting. A good copywriter will give you captions for your photos. They’ll write taglines, call to actions and make your amenity list sound impeccable.

Additionally, if you’re involved in content marketing for your apartment complex, a good writer will be able to create an editorial calendar of topics for your blog.

#3 Are You Adding Call To Action In Your Marketing

It’s always a good idea to review all your marketing materials to make sure they include a call to action. Don’t forget to look at your website, Craigslist ads, Facebook and ILS listings. The most popular call to actions we see for apartments are, “Schedule a Tour, Apply Now, Check Availability.”

Here’s two creative apartment marketing articles to help:

63 Call To Action Keywords For Apartment Advertising

167 Words To Spice Up Your Apartment Marketing

#4 Focus on Your Apartment Website

In addition to the above list, check your floor plans page to make sure they show up properly. This will be your #1 trafficked page. An apartment marketing idea you can immediately implement is adding either a “Schedule a Tour” or “Check Availability” call to action on each floor plan.  This will give you more engagement and possibly lead to more leads on your website.

#5 Does Your Community Show Up When Searched

Prospects are driving by your community and Googling your community name. Are you showing up? If you are showing up, is your website mobile friendly? Here’s a few tips to help:

  • Review your on-page SEO. By adding your community name + local area to the title tag, meta description and on the home page of your website, this in most cases will be enough to get you ranked for when someone Google’s your community name.
  • Don’t forget to claim your Google My Business listing.

#6 Drive More Apartment Leads with Craigslist

Your goal with Craigslist should always be to sell the click first. That means a prospect has to click on your ad, before they can see what you’re offering. One way of better selling the click is to add symbols to your Craigslist ad titles.  Just copy and paste the symbol into your ad title.

Pro Tip: Adding a keyword box to the bottom of your Craigslist ads will help you show up in more searches. Just think about what people might be typing in to find your property and add these keywords to your box.

#7 Test Facebook Marketplace for Property Rentals

Facebook Marketplace is an untapped lead resource for apartment marketing. Start using it before your competition does. Very much like Craigslist, the posting process is easy. Remember, great ad titles, good copy and quality photos will deliver more leads.

Want more detailed instructions on using the Facebook Marketplace for marketing your apartment complex? Here’s a good article:

Generate Leads Right Now With Facebook’s Marketplace

#8 Facebook Paid Ads

Facebook Paid Ads is a good way to generate massive impressions for your community at a low cost. Invest in boosting posts and test multiple ad types to find the winners.

#9 Use Google AdWords for Unlimited Traffic

Google AdWords continues to be a powerhouse for delivering quick, quality traffic to communities utilizing it. Spend more when you need more traffic and spend less when you don’t. Great for lease ups.

#10 Google AdWords Retargeting

#11 Google AdWords Geotargeting

Geotargeting through Google AdWords works extremely well. Imagine drawing a 1 mile radius around your community and serving up ads to all the people in that area. Clicks can be ridiculously cheap at less than 15 cents.

#12 Use Bots For Marketing Automation

Chatbots are becoming more popular with larger multifamily portfolios as a way of automating conversation on apartment websites. They work extremely well at providing website visitors with any information they may be needing without human intervention.

#13 Create an Epic Phone Experience

Place test calls into your community. Listen for the agent’s tonality (are they excited, boring, so-so). Do they answer your questions? Grade the experience.

How is the phone experience with your competitors? 

A good exercise would be to call your top 3 competitors and grade the call based on the checklist above. Any takeaways you can benefit from?

#14 Handwritten Thank You Letters

Handwritten thank you letters have become somewhat of a lost art form. Think about sending a thank you letter to every hot prospect that tours your community. Send a thank you letter after a new resident moves in.

Looking for more apartment marketing ideas like this? You may want to check out:

How To Properly Follow Up With A Prospect That Just Toured Your Community

#15 Extend Leasing Hours

Extending leasing hours should strongly be considered. 5-8pm seems to be the sweet spot as people are on their way home from work. Take advantage of this, while your competition closes early.

#16 Use the 9 Word Email

The 9 word email should be used for reactivating cold prospects. The email is used to get an either a “Yes” or “No” answer.  The email length should always be 9 words or less.

Pro Tip: Using the word “hey” as the subject works well at getting the email open.

#17 Creative Resident Events

Waffle bar, bagel bar, nacho bar, ice cream bar, doughnut bar… How can you get creative with resident events? Use Pinterest and search “Resident Event Ideas” as a source for  inspiration.

#18 Get Creative with Move-In Gifts

Are you sending a move-in gift to new residents? How about arming your service techs with the plunger gift to be given after a service call.

#19 Creative Resident Renewal Reminders

Residents definitely need to be reminded their lease is coming up for renewal. Get creative with your renewal letters. Use Pinterest as a source of inspiration, search “Resident Renewal Ideas.”

#20 Create a Resident Retention Touch Point Plan

Create a 12 month resident touch point plan. This will make the resident feel as if they’re truly being taken care of. Plus, you’ll know if they’re happy or not. Also works well at helping you generate more positive reviews.

Have new residents moving in? Check out this valuable resource:

Create The Ultimate Resident Move-In Experience In 5 Simple Steps

#21 Create a Proactive Review Plan

For reviews, you can invest in a third party service that provides a dashboard or platform for management. Just make sure you have a plan in place and be proactive, not reactive.

#22 Always Ask for Reviews 

When it comes to reviews, get away from being shy. You need to always be asking. We’ve found the sweet spot is when a resident is handed their keys at move in.  A simple question like, “Why did you choose to lease here” should give you a great testimonial/review.

#23 Get More Reviews with this Email Script

What I like most about this email, is it clearly tells the resident what they should do. Also it asks for the review at the proper time, right after the resident renewed their lease.

Click here for the text version of the above email so you can easily copy/paste.

#24 Recycle Your Reviews

I love creative apartment marketing ideas that are easy to execute on. Why just use a review once? Take a screen grab of it and post everywhere. It will only help build the case that your community is a great place to live.

#25 Resident Sign Strategy for Boosting Reputation

This is an easy strategy, but make sure you have your signs prepared. Think about putting a goal in place of how many resident photos you’ll get monthly. In addition to posting on your website, post everywhere you see fit.

Apartment Marketing Trends To Look Out For

Over the next 24 months, we’ll see more transition to bot marketing automation in multifamily.  Voice searches performed on devices like Google Home and Alexa will also play a major factor in how people shop for apartments.

Apartment reviews will continue to be instrumental in decision making. We’ll see a lot more companies investing in hyper-local content marketing strategies.

As with all trends, it’s best to pay close attention to the what the giants are doing (Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple). Study their strategies and find tactics worth implementing at your own communities.

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Written by Josh Grillo

Josh Grillo is a #1 Best Selling Author, Speaker and Co-Founder of Resident360.

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