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This Is The Most Talked About Strategy for Apartment Reputation Management – Are You Doing It?

Combating negative reviews on sites like and Yelp is a hot topic for many apartment communities. Addressing negative reviews promptly and driving more residents to leave positive reviews is the basic strategy for managing your communities reputation on these review sites.

What else can be done to further enhance your apartment community’s online reputation?

When asking this question, it seems the common denominator in every answer is managing your presence on someone else’s platform.

What if we flipped this whole thing upside down and looked at it from a completely different perspective?

Apartment Reputation Management

Instead of taking the approach of just managing what others are saying about you on all these other third party websites, why not create your own apartment reviews page that presents happy, satisfied residents instead of the few frustrated ones.

Give Your Community a Hand Up!

Make it easy for prospects to see the positive and completely eliminate the negative. In short, create a visually stunning page of residents holding up signs stating why they like living at the community (See example below). Compile the images in collage type fashion, add in some video’s of resident testimonials and you will have a page that showcases a community of happy residents.

Apartment Website Reviews Page

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words…

Building your own collage style apartment reviews page on your website is a strategy, that if done properly, can effectively counteract the negative of what others are reading about you because a picture is worth a thousand words.


Outrank ApartmentRatings?

With some proper SEO leg work, you can have this page show in the top search results for people searching your community and have this page competing neck and neck with site likes Apartment Ratings, and possibly even out rank Apartment Ratings in many instances.

Plus, you can of course link directly to this reviews page site from your own apartment communities website, and in many cases, this can give the prospect enough social proof to make decision about your community right there on the spot.


It’s Not That Hard!

Creating your own apartment reviews website page is not as hard as it may sound. The basic steps are either add a page designated for reviews to your existing website, or create a new stand alone website landing page just for this purpose. If you need help with creating this page or standalone website landing page, we can help.

Train Your Staff…

The next step is to train the staff on the ground to ask for these reviews from the residents. This is not a one time project, but an ongoing task where the staff is trained to do this whenever the right opportunity presents itself.

Provide the staff with a camera, and start compiling your images and videos, and then place them on the site. I’ve put together a testimonial checklist to help you with the process.  You can download it below.

Free PDF Download:



If simply managing reviews on other third party websites is all you need, then great, but if you are looking to take more control of your online reputation, then this strategy is a new approach that can help you do just that.

Written by Josh Grillo

Josh Grillo is a #1 Best Selling Author, Speaker and Co-Founder of Resident360.

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