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Fixed Price, Done-For-You Facebook & Instagram Marketing by Experts

We help multifamily companies exponentially grow their traffic through social media advertising on Facebook and Instagram. We write the ad copy, design the ad creatives, & run profitable campaigns. Ideal for new construction lease-ups, asset repositions, and the perfect complement to Google Ads.

Facebook & Instagram Marketing for Apartments
Facebook Ad Marketing for Apartments

Proven Process for Exceptional Results

Part of our process is writing creative ad copy and choosing imagery that converts prospects into action. We’ll use our proven SARL formula for launching winning campaigns on your account.

  • S: Split-test
  • A: Audience
  • R: Review
  • L: Launch

Variety of Targeting Options

Facebook and Instagram allow us to zero in and get hyper-local on hot prospects. We can target people who have shown a genuine interest in apartments or who have liked or visited an ILS website like Apartments.com. Based on the strategy we create for your community, your ads will show on:

  • Facebook Feeds
  • Instagram Feeds
  • Facebook Stories
  • Instagram Stories
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Messenger Inbox
  • In-stream Videos
Facebook Ads Apartments
Facebook Apartment Marketing Results

Tie Your Campaigns into the Dash360 Dashboard

You always have access to your results. There is nothing to hide, and we provide real-time transparent reporting that you can access on the go through the Dash360 marketing dashboard. The end result is what matters most – quality traffic & leads.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does my spend go towards?

Based on the community’s strategy, your spend is allocated towards campaigns that will show on Facebook and Instagram Feeds, Stories, Facebook Marketplace, Messenger Inbox, In-stream Videos, and more.

What should my spend be?

We help recommend a spend that will best suit your needs based on your sub-market and occupancy goals.

Can I change my spend after the campaigns have started?

Yes! The great thing about Facebook ads is that you can adjust your spend based on your occupancy goals.

Do I need an Instagram account to advertise on Instagram?

No, but you do have to have a Facebook page. Of course, we highly encourage you to have an Instagram account in addition to your Facebook page.

How do you know a Facebook ad was what led to a conversion?

We set-up a Facebook Pixel to ensure proper conversion tracking. We also implement Lead Generation campaigns that allow you to 100% tie back a lead to a lease.

What’s the onboarding process like?

Your dedicated account expert will reach out with our Community Success Form. The CSF asks the right questions to help us build the most successful Facebook Ads campaign as possible. Once the campaigns are ready to launch, your dedicated account expert will schedule a kick-off call to review the campaigns and go live.
"The whole team is so quick to help and very knowledgeable in all of their fields. Would definitely recommend!"

Ericka Eisenmann

Steadfast Management

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