9 Essential Conversion Factors to Focus on for Your Google Business Profile


For today’s marketing tip, I’m sharing the top nine factors that drive conversions (calls, messages, clicks, actions) on your Google Business Profile. 

Review this list to make sure you are on top of everything. It will help with your Local SEO rankings and will drive more leads.

#1 – High Numerical Google Ratings 

People are obsessed with ratings and stars—the higher the Google rating (4 to 5 stars), the higher the conversion factor.   

#2 – Positive Comments in Reviews 

A few positive comments from residents highlighting the amenities or customer service they appreciate about your community will resonate with prospects. These comments carry much weight in decision-making. 

#3 – Quantity of Native Google Reviews

The greater the number of reviews—and attentive responses from the property—will drive that conversion factor even higher. How do you increase your reviews? It’s simple: Ask.  

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#4 – The Proximity of Address to the Point of Search

Sorry, but you have no control over this factor. Searching for businesses close to a specific address makes perfect sense as to why it ranks higher in conversion. 

#5 – GBP Messaging Feature Is Enabled

When a prospect can instantly message you and is rewarded with a quick response, of course, the conversion factor will go through the roof. Let’s face it—no one has the patience to wait hours or days for a return call or message. Make sure you turn on this critical feature.  

#6 – Be Sure to Set the Proper Hours on Your GBP Listing

Google is trying to help you out here—so take advantage of the expanded hours of operation options and even special seasonal or other irregular hours.  

#7 – Completeness of GBP Listing

Finish what you start! The more complete and fully enhanced your listing, the better your chances of converting a lead into a customer or new resident. This means great photos, reviews, a Q&A section, and more.  

#8 – Frequency of Google Posts Posted

Post at least once a week—share an exciting promotion, new services offered, exceptional amenities, and community news. Use specific language so that Google can link that to your content when someone types in those words. This is a powerful tool in your conversion toolbox.  

#9 – Comprehensive Google Q&A Section With Questions You Curated

Think about all the questions future residents might have about your apartment community. Then answer them one by one and post them in a comprehensive Q&A section. The more the better!

Written by Josh Grillo

Josh Grillo is a #1 Best Selling Author, Speaker and Co-Founder of Resident360.

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