The 5-Second Rule for Multifamily Marketing


When it comes to multifamily marketing, consider using the 5-second rule to immediately grab your prospect’s attention.

Let’s look at a few examples:

#1—When someone lands on your website, do they know they are in the right place within the first five seconds? Do they know what action to take?

Here’s how to make this happen:

  1. Ensure the top image on your website is either a picture or video of your community. 
  2. Add text that says: Apartments in [Your Area].
  3. Have a call-to-action button for whatever you want the prospect to do next: View Floor Plans, Check Availability, or Schedule a Tour.

#2—When someone drives past your property, are your banners highly visible and attention-grabbing?

Less is really more when it comes to on-site banners. The focus needs to be on readability. Use a large banner with fonts that are easy to read and of a contrasting color to really stand out. Keep it simple. 

#3—When someone is searching one of the ILS sites like, does your listing immediately stand out?

If you scroll through properties in your area on, you’ll see listings that stand out and those that don’t—usually due to the thumbnail image used. How creative can you get? Thumbnail images with sunset-skies, inviting turquoise pool water, or even a night shot can really separate you from the competition.

#4—When your team is sending out emails to prospects, do your emails stand out in a crowded inbox?

Here are two things that will get your emails opened:

  1. Use the prospect’s first name in your email subject line.
  2. Use an emoji in your email subject line.

The above examples are only a small fraction of where you should be applying the 5-second rule. In addition, when I’m reviewing my marketing, I use this little trick: If your marketing was a billboard on the side of a freeway and you were driving past it at 70 mph, would it seize your attention in those five seconds?

A question worth asking. Because a lot can happen in five seconds.

Written by Josh Grillo

Josh Grillo is a #1 Best Selling Author, Speaker and Co-Founder of Resident360.

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