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From concept to building completion, we’re the new construction lease up expert you can lean on. We’ve worked nationwide with developers and have an established 5 phase lease up plan that gets your new development fully occupied. Our process begins by analyzing your timeline and asking a few questions:

  • Has construction begun?
  • What’s the estimated completion date?
  • Is this a long or short term hold?
New Construction Lease Up Marketing
Landing Page for New Construction Lease Ups

Phase 1 - Build Your Foundation

If you’re just breaking ground on your new development, this is the ideal time to start your marketing. In what we call Phase 1, you’ll want to finalize:

  • Your community name
  • Get your logo started
  • Order renderings

Resident360 can handle all these items for you. Additionally, this is a good time to get a Waiting List website up so you can start collecting email addresses for people that are interested in your new development.

Phase 2 - Driving Interest

Now that you have construction happening, there will be a lot of curiosity surrounding your new development.

We advise our clients to get large construction banners up around the development. These banners have your name, rendering, call to action, and website address. You’ll want to claim your Google business listing as well, so you have a presence on the search engine.

Also, this is the ideal time to get an email marketing campaign going for people that have given their email address and are looking for more info.

Banners for New Construction Lease Ups
Five55 Brochure New Construction Lease Up

Phase 3 - Pre-Opening Activities

By this time, your new development is only months away from being open. Resident360 will create a full-featured, responsive website that will capture leads and give your new residents a place to go to pay rent, submit service requests, etc.

Captivating content, press releases, and your community collateral will be created as well. Your email marketing campaign will be used in pre-leasing, so you have immediate move-ins when your doors open. It’s also a good time to be strategizing local business partnerships for launch parties to help with the pre-leasing efforts.

Phase 4 - The Grand Opening

Once your community is open for move-ins, we’ll send out an experienced real estate photographer to photograph the property. We’ll create a shot list based on our conversations with you. The result is high-quality shots that will then be used in all your marketing.
Photography for New Construction Lease Ups
New Construction Lease Up Advertising

Phase 5 - Market & Monitor

Now that your community is open, your marketing needs to continue so you can maintain your occupancy goals. In Phase 5, it’s all about delivering lots of qualified prospects for your new development. Resident360 will run Google & Facebook Ad campaigns to capture any traffic for people searching for a new apartment in your area. This is a very cost-effective way of generating a ton of qualified leads in a short amount of time.

Tie Your Lease Up into the Dash360 Dashboard

Get a macro and micro look at your digital marketing through the Dash360 Marketing Dashboard. See an overview of all the digital traffic at your lease-up. Drill down into different traffic sources and get a deeper understanding as to what’s working for driving conversions & leases.

Additional New Construction Lease-Up resources you may find helpful:

Marketing Dashboard for Lease Ups

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do asset repositions as well?

Yes, we've worked on several asset repositions.

Do you do the work or just consult on the project?

Yes, we handle all the work for you on your new construction lease up.

Will I have a dedicated point of contact throughout the lease up?

Yes, your point of contact will be an expert in new construction lease ups.

How far in advance do I need to start the branding process?

We generally recommend starting the branding portion of the process a minimum of 12 months in advance. The team will then have time to come up with a general branding direction which includes: logo/ID, color pallet, primary & secondary taglines, and images, ensuring there is a cohesive message between the visuals and the copy.

How far in advance should I start marketing my property?

Depending on how competitive the sub-market is, we recommend driving traffic to your landing page 90-days in advance, capturing leads through your funnel and building a 'priority list' prior to opening your leasing office. These steps will allow your team to start the engagement process.

How many renderings should I consider for my property?

We recommend three renderings, 1 Exterior, 1 Common Area, and 1 Interior Apartment Rendering. This process generally takes 4-6 weeks.
"We couldn’t be happier with the results from our pre-leasing landing page and priority list formation, and are looking forward to the final community website as that deploys closer to occupancy."

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