New Construction Lease Ups

Partner with Resident360 on New Construction

New Construction Apartment Lease Up


New Lease Up 1

Start By Analyzing Your Timeline

To deliver you the best new lease up plan, Resident360 will analyze your timeline. We’ll get started with a discovery call asking questions like:

  • Has construction began?
  • What’s the estimated completion date?
  • Have you decided on a name?
  • Do you have a logo?

Based on your answers, we’ll work backward from your completion date to create a pre-leasing plan blueprint.

New lease ups – 2

Phase 1 - Logo, Renderings & Waiting List Page

If you’re just breaking ground on your new development, this is the ideal time to start your marketing.  In what we call Phase 1, you’ll want to finalize:

  • Your community name
  • Get your logo started
  • Order renderings

Resident360 can handle all these items for you. Additionally,  this is a good time to get a Waiting List website up so you can start collecting email addresses for people that are interested in your new development.  Check out a sample waiting list page here.

Lease ups- 3

Phase 2 - Construction Banners, Social Media & Email Marketing

Now that you have construction happening, there will be alot of curiosity surrounding your new development.

We advise our clients to get large construction banners or signage up around the development. These banners have your name, rendering, call to action and website address. You’ll want to claim your Google business listing as well, so you have presence on the search engine.

This is also the ideal time to get an email marketing campaign going for people that have given their email address that are looking for more info. Starting a Facebook page or Instagram account for construction updates can be useful as well.

Lease ups – 4

Phase 4 - Capture Great Photography

Once your community is open for move-ins, we’ll send out an experienced real estate photographer to photograph the property. We’ll create a shot list based off our conversations with you. The end result is high quality shots that will then be used in all your marketing.

Lease ups- 3.5

Phase 3 - Website, Content & Collateral Created

By this time, your new development is only months away from being open. Resident360 will create a full featured, responsive website that will capture leads and give your new residents a place to go to pay rent, submit service requests, etc.

Captivating content, press releases, and your community collateral will be created as well. Your email marketing campaign will be used in pre-leasing so you have immediate move-ins when your doors open.  It’s also a good time to be strategizing local business partnerships for launch parties to help with the pre-leasing efforts.

Lease ups – 5

Phase 5 - Start Paid Traffic Campaigns

In Phase 5, it’s all about delivering lots of qualified prospects to your new development. Resident360 will run Google Adwords and Remarketing campaigns to capture any traffic on Google for people searching for a new apartment in your area. This is a very cost-effective way at generating a ton of qualified leads in a short amount of time. Learn more about Google Adwords by clicking here.

Lease ups – 6

Open for Move-In

Your community is now open for move-ins. This is the best time to be thinking about testimonials. Resident360 recommends asking for testimonials as soon as a new resident is handed their keys.

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