On Page SEO For Apartment Websites: What Is It, Why You Need It, & More Importantly, How To Do It Right!


A common question asked in the apartment industry is, “Why doesn’t my website show up on the first page of Google when I search my community name?”

While there are several reasons why that website may not be showing up, the usual suspect is that the on page SEO needs attention.

Take a look at this video that reveals the biggest on page SEO mistake we see multifamily companies making. Then read on to make sure you don’t make that same mistake.

What Is On Page SEO?

On page SEO is simply optimizing your apartment website so it has a better opportunity at showing up on search engines. That’s important because you want it show up on the first page of Google, preferably #1, for when someone does a branded search term such as your community name.

On Page SEO For Apartments

What Does On Page SEO Include?

The main ingredients are title tags, meta descriptions, H1/2/3 tags, alt tags, content, load time, mobile friendliness and overall site structure.

Additionally, anytime you are talking about on page SEO, you are also talking about focusing on a set of keywords you would like to rank for, like your community name.

Note: Ranking for your community name is very achievable vs. ranking for a difficult keyword like “Apartments in Your City.” The latter would require a comprehensive off page SEO campaign for the apartment website.

How To Do On Page SEO Right?

Step 1: Start by choosing keywords, my recommendation is to start with two.  The first one should be your community name. The second one should be the specific neighborhood/area your property is in.

Keywords: Estancia Apartments, Apartments in La Jolla, CA

Step 2: We want to make sure these keywords are in the title tag, meta description, H1 tag, alt tags and in the home page copy of our website. Here’s an example of what that would look like:

  • Title tag: Apartments in La Jolla, CA – Estancia Apartments
  • Meta desc: Enjoy off campus living at Estancia Apartments in La Jolla, CA. Apartments have stunning views, open floor plans, and gourmet kitchens. Check us out today.
  • H1 tag: Apartments in La Jolla, CA with Stunning Views
  • Alt tag: Apartments in La Jolla – Huge Balconies
  • Homepage Copy: Includes your two keywords

Step 3: If steps 1 & 2 are done properly, the apartment website should eventually begin showing up on Google for branded search terms such as the community name.

The Final Word

Keep in mind, this is just a general overview to give you some insight as to what goes into on page SEO for apartment websites. Testing load times, making sure sitemaps are submitted to Google and reviewing overall website structure are other pieces that help the process.

Just remember, if your website is not showing up on the first page of Google when you do a search for your community name, chances are the on page SEO needs attention.


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Written by Josh Grillo

Josh Grillo is a #1 Best Selling Author, Speaker and Co-Founder of Resident360.

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