4 Essential Tips for Property Management Companies Going Online


Have a property management company? Here are four tips to help you establish an online presence quickly:

#1 – Optimize Your Google Business Listing
I’ve written a ton in this newsletter about the importance of your Google Business Profile. Make sure it’s set up and properly optimized. There’s tons of info on the web on how to do that, but here’s a starter:

  • Claim the “Property Management Company” category
  • Add at least five photos
  • Fill out your contact details
  • Add your top 10 Q&A to the “Questions & Answers” section

#2 – Set Up a “Proactive” Plan for Reviews
Reviews will come, so don’t be surprised when they do. Get a proactive management plan in place that addresses both the positive and negative reviews. 

#3 – Address the “On-Page” SEO on Your Website
I’m going with the assumption that you have a decent website. Now let’s talk SEO. This is where I see most companies missing the mark. They either focus nationally or have no focus at all on their SEO.

You want to focus your on-page SEO around where your business is coming from. So, let’s assume your property management company focuses on the Atlanta, GA market. 

We’ll use “Atlanta, GA” and “Property Management Company” as our keywords and weave that through our website in the areas that matter most. So that means your Title Tag, Meta Description, Alt Tags, and H1 Tags should try to have a combination of these keywords. 

Here’s a quick example of a Title Tag and Meta Description using it (keep in mind character limits on each:

  • Title Tag: XYZ Property Management Company – Atlanta, GA
  • Meta Desc: XYZ is a full-service property management company in Atlanta, GA. We provide management expertise for new developments, luxury properties, and student housing.

#4 – Invest in Copywriting and Imagery
If you want to separate yourself from the competition, great copy and high-quality images will help. A good writer will polish your mission statement and core values and make your messaging unique. Pair that with high-quality visuals to boost your pitch deck, collateral, and overall image.

While I’m just scratching the surface here, investing in your online presence is paramount. No matter your company size, people are searching for your services right now. How you show up is “Everything.”

Written by Josh Grillo

Josh Grillo is a #1 Best Selling Author, Speaker and Co-Founder of Resident360.

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