Multifamily Marketing Tips for 2024


As we get started in 2024, let’s put our best foot forward and ensure that all our multifamily marketing efforts align with our corporate and property goals. Here are a few tips and reminders to get you started:

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#1—Review Your Marketing for Brand Consistency
It’s the beginning of the year, the perfect time to do a quick brand audit. Take a look at all channels, platforms, ads, listings, brochures, websites, and signage to make sure you’re consistent with your overall messaging, brand colors, and imagery.

While you’re going through this exercise, check the phone numbers and emails—make sure they all go to the right place/property.

#2—Review Your CTA’s (call-to-action)
While reviewing your overall marketing, pay special attention to any call-to-actions you use. Do you think they can be improved? A compelling CTA has a sense of urgency—Call Us Today! or Lease Today! and is easy to respond to.

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#3—Review Your Corporate & Property Websites
Are core values, mission statements, headshots, and bios all current? What about property images, colors, and fonts that you’re using? Can any of these be improved? Are you taking into account fair housing? Do your property websites offer multiple touring options? Is it time to update the overall design?

#4—Review Your Organic & Paid Traffic Strategies
Paid traffic vs. organic traffic. Inbound vs. outbound. If you need traffic, pay for it. It really is that simple for 2024. 

If you’re running Google Ads to promote a property, there’s a good chance you’re overspending in areas you’re unaware of. By looking at the Day, Time of Day & Devices of where you’re getting conversions/leads, you’ll uncover opportunities to reallocate your ad spend.

For example, Sundays may be a day where you spend the most money on ads and see the least conversions. Changing up your bidding strategy by redefining your schedule can place that money on another day of the week where you see the most conversions at a lesser cost.

#5—Review Your Reporting Strategies
Are you receiving all the data and metrics that you would like? Don’t forget to track everything you do to know what’s working and what’s not.

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#6—Read Through Your GBP Reviews
Do you have a traffic issue, or could it possibly be a conversion problem? Look up your property’s Google Business Profile and click on “Reviews.” Then, examine the “People Often Mention” words that Google is extracting for you (located at the very top).

These words can provide you with a common theme of what people are experiencing at your property. Continue reading the “Newest, Highest, and Lowest” reviews. Did you discover anything that requires a solution? 

#7—Review Your Resident Experience Strategies
The resident is a customer but not the kind who just makes one purchase and moves on. Do you have any strategies in place that invest in their overall experience in your communities? Ask for feedback via a quarterly satisfaction survey, request reviews, and ask for referrals. This is the fast path toward building a great community.

Multifamily Marketing Score Card

Written by Josh Grillo

Josh Grillo is a #1 Best Selling Author, Speaker and Co-Founder of Resident360.

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