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How Creative Can You Get With Your Apartment Floor Plans? Let’s Find Out…

At Resident360, we’ve been pushing the envelope and having fun with a few crafty floor plan designs. Using a standard 2d floor plan as inspiration, here are a few floor plans we’ve created for our clients.


Steal These 25 Tactics Today For Apartment Marketing Success

Recently I was the key speaker at the San Diego County Apartment Association event “How To Market Your Rental Property.”  Here are the main takeaways and slides: (more…)

Stop Waiting Around! Find Out How To Build Your Waitlist.

When it comes to leasing apartments, we’re always on the lookout for creative marketing ideas. Here’s a clever one I found on The banner below popped up over the website on my visit. (more…)

The Ultimate 5-Step Apartment Lease Up Marketing Plan

When it comes to new apartment construction, there are no signs of the industry slowing down anytime soon. With construction at a 10-year high, property managers and marketing directors are looking for ways to successfully establish a credible presence – and increase occupancy rates – in incredibly saturated markets. (more…)

How To Market Your “STAR” Employees

I was recently working on a marketing audit for a well known management company when my business partner walked in and said, “Did you see all the property reviews that mentioned the leasing agent Nancy?” (more…)

Google My Business For Apartments: How To Optimize Your Listings

At Resident360, we come across lots of Google My Business listings that are unclaimed by management companies. That’s the listing that typically shows up on the right hand side of a local Google Search result (see below). (more…)

Apartment Advertising – Generate Leads Right Now with Facebook’s Marketplace

Here’s a new apartment advertising idea you should be considering right now- Facebook’s Marketplace.

In this post, I’ll share my experience of using the marketplace for advertising an apartment.  You’ll also see first hand the results of an apartment community using the marketplace for advertising their apartments. (more…)

Google Adwords vs. ILS – What Do I Choose?

Communities looking to drive traffic and leads are using 1, 2 or as many as 3 Internet listing services (ILS) like

These services are costly producing average to mediocre results. It’s rare we hear a community raving about the number of quality leads they’re getting from an ILS.

How are they working for you? (more…)

Apartment Marketing with Pets: 11 Tips for Adding More Sizzle to Your Pet-Friendly Community

According to a recent Rent Path study, 66% of apartment residents are pet owners. That’s great news if your community is pet-friendly.


167 Power Words To Spice Up Your Apartment Marketing [Bookmark This]

Ever get stuck looking for that one word to describe something?

You’re not alone…

I recently received an email from a marketing director asking the question, “Right at this moment, I am trying to come up with a catchy slogan … about our amenities, need ONE WORD to go with it. Got any?” (more…)

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