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On Page SEO For Apartment Websites: What Is It, Why You Need It, & More Importantly, How To Do It Right!

A common question asked in the apartment industry is, “Why doesn’t my website show up on the first page of Google when I search my community name?” (more…)

Instagram For Apartment Communities: 6 Strategies To Create A Successful Account

When it comes to the multifamily industry, while we are comfortable posting on Facebook, Instagram is still relatively new. Adding Instagram to current apartment marketing efforts can enhance your community’s brand and strengthen resident connection. (more…)

[Google Ads Roundup] Top 5 Performing Apartment Ads For June, July & August

At Resident360, we like to pull back the curtain and share with you what’s working now for apartment advertising. In this case, it’s Google Ads (formerly AdWords).  (more…)

How Are You Selling The Amenities On Your Apartment Website?

An easy way to improve the marketability of your community is to enhance the Amenities page on your apartment website. Lately we’ve been coming across several apartment websites where the Amenities page is just a list, like below: (more…)

63 Call To Action Keywords For Apartment Advertising [Bookmark This]

What is the fastest way to improve response in your apartment advertising?

Add call to actions to all your marketing.

Websites, Google Ads, brochures, ILS, Craigslist, post cards – virtually all marketing you put out for your community needs to have a variety of call to actions enticing the prospective resident to take action. (more…)

A Money Saving Message For Hiring a Google Ads Professional For Multifamily Marketing

What happens when you spend $2,000,000+ annually on Google Ads for apartment communities? You quickly learn what works and what doesn’t. (more…)

Apartment Marketing Ideas: How To Re-Engage Cold Prospects With A 9 Word Email

If you’re looking for new apartment marketing ideas – you should consider the 9 word email. The 9 word email is somewhat famous in the Internet Marketing community as something that works most of the time at getting a prospect to respond. (more…)

Resident360 Latest News: Lisa Young Promoted To Managing Director

We are excited to announce the promotion of Lisa Young to Managing Director, a seasoned business leader with proven ability to manage the business. (more…)

Print Advertising For Apartments – Dissecting An In-Flight Magazine Apartment Ad

Recently I stumbled upon something you don’t see often, apartment advertising in an in-flight magazine. Check out the full page ad below for Voda Apartments. (more…)

How Creative Can You Get With Your Apartment Floor Plans? Let’s Find Out…

At Resident360, we’ve been pushing the envelope and having fun with a few crafty floor plan designs. Using a standard 2d floor plan as inspiration, here are a few floor plans we’ve created for our clients.


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